Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BET's Filmmaker's Challenge


I have been working on a short film during this summer, and the time has come! Once my mom has Completed my paper work we will be sending it in for the chance to win 100,000 dollars, and me being set to be a movie director as long as i live. If this happens i hope to be one of the youngest in the game, and i hope that BET sees that i'm only 16 and i can't afford all of the major equipment that Professionals use. But if you put me in front of the equipment i will make a masterpiece. I just want all you guys to wish me luck as i am entering something which can change my life.

1 comment:

Charles Opoku-Darko said...

YEA!!! ,ike i hope u win bro then ull b set good luck foreall man...