Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Thoughts Of The Day


What's up yall! It has been a very long day! I stayed on iChat last night till about 7 a.m. just chilling talking to my friends, but was it fun! haha We got so bored we made a 8 min. long video which was Hilarious and i will try to get that up as soon as i can. But other than that i went to sleep, and didn't wake up untill about 3:30. Surprisingly when i woke up i was really relaxed and well rested! Which was a good thing because i had to be at work at 5. (GOTTA get the rest!) Since it was so late of course my grandma had to be cooking, and man was it good! Steak, Baked Potatoes, Greens, and Homemade Mac n! Went to work on a good full stomach. Work was okay. Besides the fact that untill the last hour of work customers wanted to come in one at a time which gave my co-workers and i no time to start getting our duties done for closing time. Was i mad!lol Then after we do close the owner of our store calls up and tells us to check the Fax Machine for a fax he wanted us too see. And it HAD to be a COMPLAINT sheet that was sent to him from one of the customers that had come in Earlier during the day. He had about 3 paragraphs talking about how bad the store looked, how my co-workers and i were singing songs in the which we were, but come on now! our shift leader for the night was staring at him while he was whipping left over food off the table and chairs, WHich NO one saw him doing.! I hope that man goes to Hell, and maybe somehow i can get lucky and he will come across my blog and read i highly doubt it but hey.haha. But other than that.haha. So To CONCLUDE my day, it was cool, and i'm just thankful that God let me live another day. Can't take that for granted, or complain. But i now have 10 followers!haha i know thats nothing but hey its better than nothing. Make sure if you have not pressed that button at the top right that says follow you do! And some of my girl homies that love my blog have given me some great constructive criticism saying that i should put good girl/women fashion as well as i do men, and i agree with them on that. I want both sexes to be able to like my blog so i will start doing that!

But i'm out yall, God Bless



Anonymous said...

i LIke the Part about your grandma cooKing; MMmm...foooD!!!; yuMMMii

but yu need to be focus at your work, instead of singing in dha bak; thats not workLike;lol i think;

Anonymous said...

byy the way; im not feelIn that Pic on the top; yu need to smile=]